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This Is What We Do:

Lighting & Design

Mains are able to provide a range of electrical services to suit the needs of any customer. We are able to design a range of lighting and electrical systems for simple through to complex electrical contracts.

Commercial Industrial

A complete design & new build of industrial units.


This work ensures that any electrical equipment in homes or the workplace is completely safe and installed correctly.

Lighting Layouts

we can provide any layout the customer requires and ensure the lights are installed safely and correctly. We are able to recommend design layouts and provide bespoke advice if required.

Power Supply


The installation of a complete network system, upgrading or maintaining your network, we provide suitable cables to suit the need of your network.

External Lighting

We provide service in fitting any external lighting or refurbish any lighting that may have already been installed.

Mains Installation

We provide a full service in installing the mains electricity, ensuring it is fitted securely and works effectively and efficiently, giving the customer the necessary supply of power for the purpose.

PAT Testing

on any electrical equipment. We ensure that any electrical equipment used is safe for use by the customer and any equipment already present to be examined to ensure that there is no damage ensuring customer safety.

Periodic Inspections

Inspections allow each electrical installation and piece of equipment to be checked to ensure they are not damaged, faulty or unfit for purpose. A periodic inspection also ensures that the equipment is up to date and is fitted effectively and safely.

Supplies For Mechanical Services

We provide the correct supplies for any mechanical electrical services that may take place, meaning the job can be completed correctly, effectively and efficiently.

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We carry out a variety residential work;

Extensions, Garages, Conservatories & Sun Rooms

Bathroom & Kitchen design and fitting services

Lighting Layouts

Fire Damage & Insurance Work


Electrical Services Call Out

We offer a 24 hours call-out in where a team of fully qualified electricians are always happy to help. We aim to minimise any potential risks with a quick and reliable solution.

We always encourage customers to feedback after completion as this is very important to us.

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Fault Finding
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Fire Alarms
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Lighting Design
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Network Systems
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Commercial Lighting
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