insurance work

Insurance Work Completed

Has your home been damaged in a fire, flood or accident? Then Mains Services can come in and save the day and bring your home back to its former glory.

We work with insurance companies to complete work that is necessary after the worst has happened and there is nothing that we can not do.

Whether it is fixing damage from a flood, such as knocking the walls back to the bare bricks and then re-insulating and re-plasterboarding or whether it is fixing electrical faults caused by flood or fire.

If you need work carrying out to your property after you have successfully claimed on your home insurance then Mains Services are here to help.

Work can be carried out on any part of your home or commercial property from the roof down to the foundations so if it needs fixing then give us a call.

We can arrange a site visit to give you a free no obligation quotation for all insurance work.